Controlling Blood Pressure – The Natural Way

Astonishing development of science & technology is happening in this universe & human beings are using this boon for creating new & new luxuries everyday. Being more & more luxuries is making us sick. Thus in other words, in spite of progress & prosperity we are acquiring more & more diseases in early age due to being sedentary & dissatisfied. If you look around yourself, today’s man is thirsty for peace of mind & inner satisfaction despite being in pool of all the unnecessary accessories & sophisticated comforts around us. 분당스웨디시

If frequent and unexplained headaches in morning or during the day, chest pain, blurring or changes in vision, light headedness, shortness of breath on little exertion are becoming regular features of your routine; time has come that without blaming tense working atmosphere, you should check your blood pressure.

What is high blood pressure & how you got it?

Blood pressure is the lateral pressure exerted by the blood on the walls of arteries while flowing in system. The ideal standard blood pressure reading is systolic- 120 & diastolic- 80. Systolic pressure higher than 140 is suppose to be harmful for our vital organs.

High blood pressure is not the condition we got overnight. As per Ayurvedic principles & philosophy, we acquire this after living an erratic lifestyle and following bad habits generally for over a period of 8-10 years. Researches of modern times have also proved that, living a sedentary lifestyle for a long time is the culprit for this condition & triggers it. Metabolic disorders, obesity, smoking, stress, intake of toxins, fast foods, are generally responsible for hypertension in modern society.

Some simple steps to regulate Blood pressure:

Ayurveda the ancient system of health care always advocates of following preventive & curative natural methods to maintain & achieve perfect health through positive lifestyle changes. Ayurveda advises to live in harmony with nature. Understanding the Ayurvedic philosophy & principles helps human being to listen to body needs to recognizing & balancing emotional & spiritual satisfaction level. Thus we can understand to how to balance body & mind which largely control the incidence of irregular blood circulation.

So just opting for shortcut in the form of medications which instantly lower the blood pressure will be sufficient & effective permanently. In other words we can take help of these modern medications but should not get addicted to these & should take help of simple lifestyle modifications to live healthy & happy life long. Always keep in mind & be assured that by improving to healthy life you can avoid stage of taking medication.

Reduce stress:

Anxiety & stress are the two factors which trigger the blood pressure instantly. Whenever in stress do try to eliminate or at least try to how to reduce. Meditation & deep breathing are the yoga practices which help to reduce the anxiety & stress both. Washing legs with normal or cold water & drinking a glass of cold water or short walk in garden helps in reducing stress to large extant. Talk to family members, friends & playing with kids in park relives tension, stress & anxiety altogether. Don’t live alone, idle or aloof.

Sleep sufficiently:

Sleep is very important for maintenance of health and longevity for the human beings. It is natural mechanism of overcoming wear and tear of the body due to physical work and mental stress and tissue loss. In Ayurveda it is called one of the “Upstambha” or sub pillars of achieving perfect health.

Some simple improvisations help to improve quality & quantity of sleep. A minimum of 6-8 hours sleep is required everyday to repair the wear and tear of the body & helps to control tension & irritation in general behavior. The bed room should be absolutely clean, well ventilated and away from noise & other disturbances. The bed must be neat, clean and free from bugs. The mind should be calm & absolutely free from worldly affairs, anxieties & worries while retiring to bed. This may be achieved by praying to God or listening to light music, talking to kids or wife at the time of going to bed. One should avoid sleep when the brain is excited or hyperactive due to reading novels, excessively thinking of business or troubles in life & drinking high amount of alcohol. Sleeping late at night always bad & induces restless sleep which leads to hypertension & ill health. Sleep during the day should be avoided as far as possible. However if one keeps awake at night can sleep during the day time. One should sleep with head to the east or north. It is advisable to gently massage the head, soles and palm before going to bed. By massage, excessive or bad dreams can also be controlled.

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