How To Spot Enlarged Prostate Symptoms And Seek Treatment?

Men undergo transformation as they ages and the body will experience internal and external changes. As men approaches forty, there is a need to be alert to their prostate health. The health of the reproductive system plus the urinary system has been associated with prostate gland. Knowledge of the enlarged prostate and prostate cancer can go a long way in staying in the pink of health.

With aging and leading a predominant carefree lifestyle; enlargement of the prostate can and do occur. Majority of the symptoms are linked to the bladder as the prostate bear down on it. As pressure bear on the bladder, problem in urinating, urine remaining in the bladder and lack of control of the urine are the results of an enlarged prostate.

Common symptom of an enlarged prostate that caused discomfort is problem with urinating. Complaints are frequency of urinating at night, initiating or ending urinating and drizzle of urine after finishing. Blood is sometimes found in some patient and in the worst case, pus is present. Majority also has problem getting an erection and trouble ejaculating.

Rectal examination is usually used to diagnose the above symptoms and the physician may carry out other tests to determine if there is cancer. Surgical procedure is considered to shrink an enlarged prostate if the symptoms are not lessened. Even though symptoms of the enlarged prostate and prostate cancer can have common characteristics, the enlargement of prostate does not mean cancer.

Besides the above mentioned symptoms, other includes sexual impotency and painful ejaculation. Prostate cancer is more difficult to diagnose than enlarged prostate as it requires the tumor to be considerable before a rectal exam can spot it. By recognizing the difference between the two, getting an enlarged prostate doesn’t mean cancer so you don’t have to be unduly worried. Getting in touch with the physician to Prostate Protocol evaluate the seriousness of the enlarged prostate as delaying treatment could be damaging to your health.

At the age of fifty, men should go for regular prostate examination as the test is not as insidious as one might imagine. It is simply just an insertion of the gloved finger into the anus. Once done with the test, physician will recommend treatments and medicine is usually given as seventy five percent of the men found it to be effective. Delaying can be detrimental as enlarged prostate might turn up to be prostate cancer. By not taking care of your prostate health can lead to serious health problem and even death. With early detection and awareness, a knowledgeable choice on the types of treatments can be made.

Once diagnosed, physician will discuss with the patient and recommend the types of treatments hinging on the seriousness of the symptoms and the patient medical history. Two different but efficient treatment of an enlarged prostate are alpha blocker and finasteride.

Alpha blocker assists in loosening of the surrounding wall of the bladder, easing urination. Seventy five percent of the men found it to be effective and once consumed, the patient can feel the difference.

The other medicine for an enlarged prostate is finasteride and it has been known to reduce the size of the prostate but it may be up to a year. The choice between the two medicine rests on the physician and how enlarged the prostate is.


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