Would You Choose a Toenail Fungus Over a Fingernail Fungus Infection?

Given the choice, most people would choose a toenail fungus over a fingernail fungus infection. The reason is simple: You can hide your toes away in shoes and socks. Fingers on the other hand are much more visible. Just imagine holding a wine glass at a restaurant and showing your yellow, distorted, flaky nails to your dinner companion. How embarrassing!

Luckily the condition is more common in toes than in fingers. This is due to the fact that fungi thrive in dark, moist and airless environments – similar to what you will find in shoes on a hot day or after exercising. Also the fungus that causes a nail fungus infection is the same as the one associated with athlete’s foot, so cross-infections, from Fungus clear reviews  the skin between the toes to the nails, are common.

But a bit of sunlight and dry conditions are not going to get rid of a nail fungus infection. It may slow down the progression of the disease but an infection rarely goes away without treatment. In fact if the disease is left untreated for a long period of time, the condition can progress to such an extent that the nail detaches completely from the nail bed.

The good news is that there are a wide range of treatment options available to treat nail fungus of the fingers or the toes. Some sufferers experiment with home remedies and natural cures such as tea tree oil or an acidophilus beer soak, as these may work with mild infections. The most popular treatments involve the use of nail paints (or lacquers) that contain clinically proven antifungal medications. These work by direct contact with the fungus in the nail so it is advisable to scrape away as much of the nail as possible to expose the fungus before applying the treatment. For very severe cases oral antifungal drugs are available on prescription.

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