Increase the Visibility of Your Website Via SEO for Free

SEO or search engine optimization is the process of increasing the visibility of a website in any of the major search engines. The word ‘optimization’ refers to ‘making something good as it can be’. But in a broader sense, when you add it with search engine, then it conveys a different message. Yes, it definitely makes something good, probably the on net visibility of your website. Search engine optimization is now a day the talk of the time. It has made it very easy for both the webmasters and net users to find the desired website very easily without making any sense. Even the search engines give such accurate results that users get to see the highest page ranked websites on the top of the search results. This is called SEO free or free comprehending methodology of websites.

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SEO free

SEO free is the procedure of understanding how to optimize websites for free. What you need to do is quite simple, keeping an extra eye on your website to make it more optimized for the search engines. Google and yahoo are two of the most prominent search engines in the world. The question is how they automatically optimize websites. They follow more than two hundred regulations in term of indexing websites to their primary list. This complex procedure has made is so accurate that the search engine will never give you any irrelevant search result Oliver Wood Perth.

Increase the traffic of your website by SEO free

Let us come to the practical point. You will surely accept it without any dispute that the more number of visitors visit your site, the more your popularity becomes. There are a good number of certain systems to attract more web users to your site. All you need to do is keeping some rules in your mind. The first thing is that you have to have a strong fundamental concept about the keywords you are using. As most of the websites are text based, you should remember hat keywords are the very basic mediums of attracting more traffic. I guess you have the knowledge what traffic is. Web traffic is quite similar to traffic jams. Traffic jams causes roads to get blocked by excessive number of vehicles. Like that when more and more online users visit your website, it gets more traffic. However, SEO free methods play active roles in increasing more traffic to your site. For example when you launch a new website, it page ranking remains zero. Your primary goal must be increasing it up to ten. But no user is aware of your site. At that case search engines help you. If your site is on ‘Search engine optimization’ and a searcher searches in Google with the term ‘SEO’ or ‘SEO free’, or any SEO related topic, your site will be found in the lower part of the list. But if you use keywords properly and keep posting more contents or blog posts to your blog then the website starts to become on the top gradually. Another thing that effects your page ranking is web traffic itself. If your traffic increases and you keep posting new contents, the visibility of your website increases.

Key word density

Key word density is another key factor. You need to have very good knowledge of it. The ideal key word density is between two to five percent. But the ratio varies based upon the length of the articles. If you post a short article of 300 or 400 words then the density should exceed 4%, even 5%. But the ratio is quite low while posting a larger blog post or article. In such cases the ideal range is 2-3%. That means less keyword for big articles and more keywords for small articles. You may ask a question now, why should it be so. Well, keywords are the thing that the search engines use for indexing your site. SEO free is the method which gives you proper knowledge of understanding search engine optimization methods.

Things to eye on

However, your website is your biggest asset. There are a good number of multinational companies who shine actually for their websites. They post adverts in different forums and take hundreds of steps to make users aware of their products. Since it is the age of modern technology, many users do not feel the necessity of going to the markets to review products and choose one to be bought. Rather they want those online. Multinational companies are multinational because they have the capability of selling their products online. Actually, they sell online products and deliver them via couriers. That’s it.

So, if you can show users that you have everything like them and your website is very good, then customers will definitely feel secured to deal with you. It is true if you are setting your website to sell products. But if your website is the medium of selling products, then what you need to do is publishing advertisements in different websites, forums etc.

Page ranking: an asset

I have already told that your website is your biggest asset. But this asset is valueless if your page ranking is zero. Yes, the thing is that. What you have to ensure is that more and more visitors visit your website. If your page ranking is good enough, then you can initiate pay per click advertise services. it means that the advertisement posting agency pays you some money if someone clicks or views the ad links. It can ensure you some extra money. So, do you still have any doubt that if your website is an asset or not? I guess you will no more. However, there are a couple of websites that initiate pay per click adverts. Google AdSense is one of them.

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