Britain and the After Effects of the Brexit Referendum

The British community is definitely divided and many are unhappy with the result of the decisive vote to leave the European Union (EU). Questions hand over the nation about whether the four main areas involved will split apart. Scotland is obviously for staying in the EU while Wales is overwhelmingly for leaving and Ireland is also split in two. Examination of the polls shows that the less well-off have been the main body demanding the withdrawal brexit millionaire reviews.

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This is understandable as there is a huge divided between rich and poor in Britain and elsewhere that can only be adequately expressed through a ballot box. If the rich want something and the less privileged can see a way of hurting them and denying their demands, then obviously this is the way to do it.

Prime Ministers and leaders who are well-educated and hold law degrees and have the knowledge of how to make large sums of money are now in charge in many countries. They are not able to speak to those who have little or nothing and who less understanding of things the big end of town wants. This divide weighs heavily to the one side of politics as people go to the poles in Australia on July 2nd.

While the government hammers the economy as its main issue those living on the streets or in dire financial stress are not listening. They want and need help but all the politicians want is to get elected and they are promising anything they can to make that happen.

The degree of scepticism and the bantering to and fro of accusations and lies is sickening and turning many away from having an interest in what they are saying. When it gets down to it one wonders if it matters in the long-term or whether a higher power is working to upset the entire world.

With memory of reincarnation and a suspicion that we are in the last days because of all that is happening there is probably not much anyone can do to change the outcome. The signs point to a world in turmoil when anything is likely. The affairs in Britain and the vote to leave the EU may have upset many and will certainly wipe a lot of money off their portfolios that is not the main issue.

We are facing a world in crisis and everything that happens for good or bad in our eyes is part of a plan that was set down from the beginning and which is now coming to fruition. Nothing that happens will upset it and those who put in power are the best ones to bring it about, whoever they are.

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