Affiliate Marketing Tip: How To Use Copywriting To Convert Visitors Into Customers

Many affiliates use Click Here links in their web pages. The problem is that they’re not creating conversions, or visitors to their site. In order to make this site generate conversions and visitors, I’ve decided to share with you some simple tips that will help you make your website more attractive. I call these “Click Here” tips “color”.

Color – Try changing the color of your text link from green, blue, orange, red, yellow, or whatever colors you are promoting on your page. It will instantly jump out at people when they look at it. Make sure it’s on a web page that has enough white space to allow the text link to pop up properly. If not, then this will have zero conversions.

Copy – Try changing the copy on your landing pages to promote the color. I’ve found that the best copywriting when promoting a Click Here link is to write about a compelling reason to click on the button and explain why that link is a must. Then talk about why people should visit your site. Use good headlines, subheadings, and bullet points.

Action Buttons – Put buttons on your web pages. I like to use big buttons on big, bold backgrounds. These action buttons drive traffic in and instantly grab someone’s attention. I usually use two action buttons side by side, so that people can’t miss a single one. I’ve also found that having a centered action button makes a big difference as well.

Relevancy – Make sure the placement of your buttons makes sense. When an affiliate clicks one of your links, your goal is to convert them. If you put your affiliate’s buttons on the exact page where they just came from, then they have no idea how to get there. Relevancy increases click through rates and can increase your conversion rate as well. Example, place a Google ad on the same page as an e-book on building your list or the exact landing page for an audio recording of a famous Internet marketer.

Text Color – It’s important that your text color is eye-catching. If you’re using a dark background, people will be less likely to read your button copy because it looks boring. However, if you’re using a light background, you can better make the call-to-action. I like to use a combination of dark text on a light background, like a black and white checkerboard pattern. I find that this creates enough interest to get people to click on my buttons without it being too obvious that all the focus is on the text.

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