What You Should Know About EBI Aids

The EBI Aids are water coolers that can be obtained through the aid of the Bio-Brite water cooler. The name of this cooler is taken from its bio-british origin and it is a water cooler made from a branch of the Blueberry plant. This cooler is made up of an ion exchange membrane, an ion-exchange membrane as well as other special elements that help it work more rapidly than the ordinary coolers. Some of the other features it comes with are its LED indicator lights, the ability to operate without a motor, the presence of temperature and pressure sensors and a glass display screen.

ebi aali

EBI stands for the Electronic Bilayer Inhibitor. The use of this in the EBI Aids is intended to block the formation of the gases which are otherwise known as the oxidation products. The formation of the gases can prevent the EBI Aids from working perfectly, hence the need to have them. These inhibitors prevent the EBI Aids from being attacked by the oxygen radicals that are present in the atmosphere. The oxygen radicals can be either due to the existence of the ozone layer or from the activities taking place at the affected area.

It is the work of these oxygen radicals that damage the EBI Aids and cause them to function less efficiently. There are various types of oxygen radicals that cause damage to the ebi aali coolers. However, the ones responsible for the problem are ozone, UV-A and UVC rays. Thus, the use of the ozone gas in the cooler helps to prevent the EBI Aids from being attacked. The use of ultraviolet-a is also another means to reduce the effects of these rays.

Another way of preventing the EBI Aids from being damaged is by the presence of the temperature and pressure sensors. These sensors are usually present on the outer edge of the cooler. They sense the temperature and pressure levels around the water cooler. If the water to reach the boiling point, the water valve which is present on the body of the cooler instantly shuts down. This also prevents the water from vaporizing and thus preserves the cool water inside the cooler.

Apart from the above mentioned method, there are a number of other ways that are used to maintain the temperature and pressure of the water in the EBI cooler. The use of heat tape to remove the air bubbles from the inside of the water cooler and using the vacuum seal to repair any damages that might have occurred over time are some of the methods that are used to maintain the EBI Aids. The refrigerant is pumped into the water cooler in order to maintain the constant temperature of the water so that no changes take place and thereby the life of the EBI aali is prolonged.

The most important thing to remember is that the proper maintenance of an EBI cooler is very important. If you are not well aware of the right ways of maintaining your water cooler, chances are high that you will end up damaging it. In case, if you want to buy an EBI aali, make sure that you purchase one that is made from materials that are resistant to moisture and wear and tear and also, make sure that the cooler that you are going to buy is eco-friendly and more importantly, has a good warranty.

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