Do Most Coaching Institutes Mint Money?

Coaching is not essential to compete in any entrance examination. Self-study is still the best way and there is no alternative to hard -work. Most of the students who keep rushing to various coaching classes spend their precious time, money, energy unnecessarily. Guaranteed success is probably an inventive concept. I am strictly against tutorials or to coaching centres but my main focus is to show you that there is no alternative to hard work and labour. However it also cannot be said that formal training for various examinations reap no benefits.Work hard and you will find success a click away. Well, this is an age of competition. Entrance examinations need proper judicious selection of subjects, chapters and questions. Good coaching institutions groom your knowledge and build your self-confidence and you’re potential.

The examinations for Civil Services require a thorough knowledge of various subjects. Coaching helps one to overcome his/her shortcomings. It further provides a wider platform of learning, but make sure that you don’t get addicted to coaching else the SACS (Severe Acute Coaching Syndrome) can just be insidious to you ca intermediate coaching. Coaching will not be required for success in competitive examinations if the curricula for the intermediate and degree courses are restructured, what is happening is that the standard of questions at the entrance tests for admission to medical and engineering colleges is of higher standard than that of the intermediate courses. Similarly, though the basic qualification for civil services examinations is graduation, one finds that majority of those who compete have post graduate degrees. In various University Examinations, questions demand all essay type answers, whereas in the examinations of civil services, answers have to be more objective and precise. The coaching classes supplement their significance by convincing the students that just by rote learning of the ‘pre-set’ answers from the experts, would get them marks to qualify. The question here is not whether it works or not, rather to base learning as mere- fixated marks driven or for something as idealistic as conscious awakening.

With this I want to conclude this topic by saying that coaching will not teach you how to manage your time rather it puts you in the fixed mind set towards the pattern and type of questions asked. In this never ending cyber world you will feel left out, as the alternatives are in galore. To be precise, e-books, e-magazines, e-newspapers, blogs, forums which keeps you updated with latest up-gradations and changes in your study methodology as well as course structure will definitely be a better replacement for coaching institutions. Make your own plan and practice it, success will surely be at your door step sooner or later.

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