Bible Verses Point to the Real God and the Conspiracy of the New Testament

A dedicated student of the bible will see that there are two types of divine beings represented in it. The first is the Spirit that is alone as no other gods exist beside it (Isaiah 45:4-8) while the second is a trinity of three separate parts, as noted in the New Testament. Herein lies the trick of the deception engaged in by the authors. The Old Testament relates to the identity of the first and the laws and prophecies given that are strict and straightforward. The New Testament overrides all of that to bring about a new way with many gods, devils, demons, saints, apostles and others.

Isaiah 14:25,26 speaks of the Assyrian who has put a yoke around the necks of God’s people and a great burden on their shoulders. Following my reincarnation and link to the Spirit that burden was shown to me. It is the confusion created by the stories of heaven and hell and that if one disobeys the Trinity Gods, who are part of Christianity, then they will be in hell for eternity. That is the tenet of the religions they follow and every one of them is Islam in origin bible verse for peace. They all came from Babylon with only slight changes to hide their origins.

The Assyrian is the Lord of the Day who has ruled over the world from the time of the beginning of it. He is the master of sun worship and his name is Ishmael. The letter [h] was added by the Jews and the origin is Ismal, that with the second part reversed is Islam. The name was hidden from view until this time. He was the sun of Abraham which is a corruption of ‘O-b-ram’ and it means ‘circle bearing the ram’. The ram is the sacred image of Islam and they are sacrificed during festivals to this day.

‘Ram’ is in ‘Rama’ and this is the seventh avatar of the Indian God Vishnu in Hindu. ‘Rama-dan’ is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and a time of fasting during daylight hours, that is when the sun is in the sky. The end of this period is Eid al-Adha and sheep, cattle or goats are sacrificed to the sun god.

In the Christian tradition Easter is supposedly the sacrifice of the ‘lamb’ of God. The ram is the product of the circle that bears the religions of sun worship. Any animal with horns is acceptable as a ram.

Constantine established the Catholic Church in 325 AD and he invented Jesus Christ as its Saviour and ram. He is the Amorite declared in Amos 9 as the one to be destroyed and he is 666, Revelation 13:13. It is he who hid the real God and raised up the false ones that people worship today, including the Trinity.

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