The Many Advantages of Taking the CLEP Test

The CLEP exam, or College Level Examination Program, is a credit by examination test which can potentially accelerate your college plans like no other.  How does bypassing all those boring core classes and getting your degree in only two to three years instead of four sounds?  It’s possible.  All it takes is one CLEP test study guide and you’d be well on your way. 

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CLEP testing is an opportunity for you to show everything you’ve learned in school and life.  If you pass this exam, then you are equal in experience to a student taught in a college classroom.  Completing a CLEP study will get you awarded with the appropriate credit by the college’s policy for acceptance of credit by examination.

You have two distinct choices of CLEP exam to pick from.  There are either general exams or subject examinations.  You can find CLEP test study guides on both too check site.  The most common are the subject exams which cover math, science, humanities, social studies and English.  Each one can award you up to six credits.  Many students who perform well on all of them can skip a whole year in college.  These subject CLEP study guides cover all of the specific areas you’ll find on the exams ranging from algebra, calculus, specific historical eras, and others included some of the social sciences, for example.

Here are a few more advantages and benefits of CLEP testing:

A CLEP exam saves you money – Intense CLEP study and passing it can cost you around $60 per credit hour, which is a bargain compared to a college class at $400 and over a credit. Keep in mind that not every college will accept these credits.  There is a few which place a limit on how much they will accept.

CLEP testing saves you time – Passing the exam allows you to skip all those boring core classes which you already know a lot about.  This saves you money on tuition and time in skipping classes.  So, get a CLEP study guide and get to work. 

CLEP testing satisfies lower level college requirements – A CLEP test study guide can help you graduate on time and sometimes early!  For many students, depending on the major, it can quite difficult to finish every class required in only four years.  A CLEP exam allows them to get those credits out of the way early on.

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