New Affordable Software – Join The Revolution – Streaming Videos Can Be On Your Website Today

Ten years ago, video was a rarity on the internet but like it or not, a new kind of internet is here: A “video revolution internet”. More and more sites are taking it on board. The proof? Google recently bought YouTube, the online video sharing site, for $1.65 billion in stock – I guess they have a good reason. What does this mean to us website owners we must ask ourselves, if we are going to keep up with the new video software standard?

Our customers are ready for online video right now. They have been exposed to the idea already through sites like YouTube and other video sharing sites. And what’s more important they like it.
All we have to do now is start using online video software which up till now has been expensive and not really easy to use youtube video mp4 downloader.

That is not the case today as there is a new software package available called “Video Web Wizard” and this software is apparently so user friendly, that after download you can have streaming videos on your website in minutes.

What is also important is the fact that the program is very, very, affordable. Once website owners know it is available I think this is going to be a very sought after piece of software. Apparently no special skills are needed to operate it and just as important no special equipment is required either.

For the more technically minded, “Video Web Wizard” converts all popular video formats and a few, even, that most comparable software programs don’t support. Video Web Wizard supports AVI, WMV, MOV, MPG, FLV, VOB, ASF, and MP4 video formats.

VideoWebWizard converts these video files into a file format called “FLV,” or “Flash Video.” It’s a technology that works with almost all computers and web browsers, even a computer running on a non-Microsoft operating system like Macintosh or Linux.

By the way, when you see a video on a website, 99% of the time it is probably in Flash video format. Flash works almost everywhere, like I just mentioned, and Flash videos usually have a small file size (so they load quickly) while keeping good quality. Many times you can compress a file to 10% or less of its original file size!

Then, after VideoWebWizard software automatically converts the video into Flash format, it generates a small web page with your video on it, complete with a player and controls (play, pause, volume, and so on). Upload this page to your website, and you’re done!

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