Is The Dodge Ram 3500 Turbo Diesel For You

I haven’t ridden in a Dodge Pickup Truck for several years. I was pleasantly surprised recently when I got to ride with a friend. There have been some major changes since the late 90’s, that’s for sure.

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Remember the Old Days with Diesel?

Most people equate a bit Ram 3500 Turbo Diesel Pickup truck with noise, dirt and discomfort. Boy are they wrong! The Ram 3500 Turbo Diesel is a pleasant surprise. It’s as quiet as can be inside the cab and the truck takes you down the highway in smooth comfort. The Ram 3500 is powered by a 6-cylinder 5.9-liter Cummins Turbo Diesel engine that delivers 325. Its 4-speed automatic transmission has a handy Trailer Mode setting to help minimize those annoying up and down gear changes that take place when you’re pulling something behind you spray in bedliner.

Killer Good Looks

Just one look at the Ram 3500 tells you it’s a real work truck -strong body lines, big wheels and tires, heavy duty rear springs and high ground clearance. The only problem seen here is that you might want to leave the wife or girl friend home, or add on some custom step bar. Of course that’s a good rationalization for a custom upgrade. But the Ram 3500 Quad Cab Turbo goes well beyond functional to pull double-duty as a truck that can move two rows of passengers in decent comfort.

The Ram’s paint finish and chrome trim are as good as you’ll see on any mid to upscale car. The quad cab model is beautiful and you won’t have any fight with the family if you want to carry them to church on Sunday in real style.

You’ll love the pair of heavy duty tow rings that’ll come in handy for pulling or being pulled. A look at the back of the Dodge Ram reveals the rigid factory bedliner that protects the bed from scratches and dings, and under the tailgate is a towing package with a Class IV receiver hitch and wiring plug. Lets just say, if you are serious about towing power and you want a REAL diesel, the Dodge Ram 3500 is for you.

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