Why You Should Get An Automatic Espresso Machine Today

Ever wonder how it is like to let an automatic espresso machine brew your cup of java rather than having to brew it by yourself? You can sit back, relax and have your piping hot cup of espresso (with frothered milk what more!) ready for you in just a couple of minutes.

Is there a real need to get an automatic espresso machine, given that you are so used to brewing your own coffee? Yes, we definitely think so! These are the reasons why you should get an automatic espresso machine today.


The ever-improving technology in espresso coffee makers ensures that the cup of espresso produced is of the best quality that the machine can produce. Depending on the optimal quality and freshness of the coffee itself, modern machines have an exclusive extraction system that can control the pressure and temperature of the water and uniform distribution with the coffee. All these parameters combine to form a crema that is unmatched for its density and smoothness K shot filling machine.

If you still have doubts about the quality and taste of coffee produced by automated espresso machines, just take a look around you. How can you explain the thousands of people flocking to Starbucks or other coffee chains on a daily basis? The baristas in these coffee chains are no different from you and me – they use an automated coffee machine to produce your cup of java. Imagine you having the power to do the same – in your own home!

Cappuccino and latte lovers would like a dash of frothered milk in their coffee. This can be done easily using milk boilers or foaming wands and these are easily available in the more expensive models.


Automated espresso coffee makers really should not be made out to be entry-level coffee brewing machines, and are definitely more expensive compared to you brewing your own coffee.

The good news is that as coffee brewing technology continues to make leap-bounding fronts in technological improvements, prices of these machines will continue to topple. Do take note that these machines, being more than a basic drip or pod type of coffee machines, are more expensive given that they use more advanced pressurization and automated technology.

However, you need not fret that you have to pay a hand and leg to get that cup of java that is made not by human hands. Depending on the automation process, the distinction in prices between different models can vary but they are usually in the range of a low couple hundred dollars.


Imagine that you feel a need for a cup of coffee on a lazy Sunday afternoon to perk you up while you are watching your favorite television program. You walk to the beautifully chromed coffee machine that is laying seductively on your bar top. You pop a capsule into the machine and press a button. The machine goes to work. The cup gets filled up within one minute. The fresh aroma of coffee fills the air. Your mom shouts across the room, ‘One for me too, please!’.

It is that simple to make a cup of espresso really. You just have to maintain a level of water in the water tank and you do not even need to boil the water beforehand as the pressurization system will do it for you. For some models, you do not even need to put in coffee beans – just a capsule containing the coffee will do. It is really that simple and does not take much time!


Apart from taste, price and convenience, other factors that you should definitely think about are aesthetics, colour, simplicity and sophistication. Whatever is important to you, there is a wide range of machines to satisfy your every desire in terms of design and functionality.

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