How Petunia Pickle Bottom and Caribou Impetus Are Using Instagram

Caribou has recently created a Caribou Instagram account and is hoping to take advantage of the Instagram craze that many teenagers are having. While it’s unclear whether or not Caribou cigarettes and tobacco products will make their way onto the Instagram, the company does have its own line of clothing. In fact, if you’re looking for a cigarette case, the company says it “supports anyone looking for the best craft brands in the world to promote and showcase products”.

This Instagram account has been flooded with followers. The reason for this is not clear. However, if you’re on Instagram you can browse through other people’s messages and see what they’re talking about. If one user mentions anything about Caribou cigarettes, for example, you can see if it appeals to you and your interests.

It’s a similar strategy as Petunia Pickle Bottom’s recent Instagram posting where she discusses various dog breeds and suggests that one of the most popular pet shops is actually the one that sells Caribou cigarettes. The two companies do not currently do any promotional work together. However, they have both commented on each other and are keeping in contact with one another Caribou instagram. One thing that seems clear is that both companies know that they’re going to be able to strike a cord with potential customers by doing something that speaks to them both. That may help them to create a successful business relationship that benefits everyone involved.

One thing that Petunia Pickle Bottom did was create a Twitter campaign and post pictures from her trips around the US. She mentioned that one of those was supposed to be a Caribou location but didn’t specify. The opportunity to create a connection like that is one that many small businesses could learn from. Caribou can strike that same cord, if it chooses to.

One interesting distinction between the two companies is that Petunia Pickle Bottom uses Instagram to “show off” her puppies, while Caribou uses it to “show off” itself. It’s possible that distinction will evolve over time, but for now, both Instagram and Petunia Pickle Bottom’s social networking efforts appear to be in good standing. The key to making any marketing strategy work is to make sure that it reaches the target audience you want. For both companies, that audience includes pet lovers who may be interested in what Petunia has to say about all things Cuddly and Pet-like.

This is one trend that’s likely to continue. Small businesses often have to think about how they can reach a niche group, especially one as interested in their line of work as they are. While many large companies have gotten online and have their own social networks, smaller organizations have lagged behind. By establishing an Instagram account for your brand, you can give your potential customers one more way to find out what your brand offers.

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