How Can We Make Ourselves Organized and Perfect?

Organized people and perfectionists are usually appreciated if they are someone big like celebrities, scientists, authors of best sellers or someone having larger-than-life persona. On the other hand people of non-celebrity categories who happen to be perfectionists or are well organized in their lives do find it difficult in adjusting with the majority of masses that are usually disorganized.

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Nevertheless, it is always good to be organized in our lives and for that we need not be a celebrity at all. It is not so very difficult for us to be organized. The only thing required is that you should have desire to be organized and you should know well as to what all to be done for getting organized BRI.

Wishing to be organized is as very simple as most of us want to be so. Yet I came across some people who just don’t feel comfortable in an organized environment. Such people would only find peace when they make their environment disorganized and unclean.

Here is an example of the rarest of the rare who happened to be the most dedicated disorganized person.

Raghav (imaginary name) and his wife Renuka (imaginary name) just after getting married bought a luxury apartment in a posh locality in Delhi. The wife was an interior designer and she hired an interior decorator and got the huge sprawling residence beautifully done-up with the most modern silk curtains, Italian furniture, French showpieces and Iranian carpets.

Renuka was quite excited to show her work of art to Raghav and opened the door of the house for him expecting an excited surprise from him. Raghav entered the house, went around all the rooms and appreciated the artist that was Renuka.

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