History of Ahegao Merchandise Shop

Ahegao merchandise shop is based in Singapore. Ahegao is a local brand owned by Tan Eng Chow. The Ahegao brand was first released in Singapore in 1992 and is said to be the first fully branded children’s wear brand in the country. Since then, Ahegao has expanded into a wholesale clothing range, with new designs being added each month.

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The Ahegao Shop was initially starting to create demand for Tan Eng’s own product, Ahegao – a unique brand of woven textiles. Tan Eng invented the ‘hand made’ label while working at his grandmother’s textile factory in Singapore in the late 1940s. Tan Eng had seen many of the other woven fabrics being made and was impressed by the quality and production standards of these products. He decided that he wanted to launch a business to produce Ahegao goods so that more people could benefit from the woven textiles and enjoy them.

The Ahegao store started out as just a small corner shop on a pavement in Clarke Quay. This small shop quickly grew into a large showroom with a lot of space. Ahegao merchandise moved from pavement to the road and then to an indoor warehouse in Clarke Quay. Today, Ahegao still operates from this large indoor warehouse. Ahegao has also started selling its merchandise online from its website, although this is by no means the only source Ahegao Shoes.

Ahegao merchandise is available online from an extensive selection of high street and online stores. Ahegao products are available in both standard full colour brochures and screen printed catalogues. You can order your choice of garment and have it delivered to your door, either through a door to door service or by post. Online ordering is convenient and easy. There are many suppliers online who will be able to supply you with all your clothing needs.

Although Ahegao merchandise is widely available both offline and online, there are some special offers that are not available online. Customers in the UK are advised to check Ahegao’s website for further details. Online shopping is very convenient, fast and safe. However, when buying online, make sure you are aware of all shipping and handling fees and any returns.

As Ahegao grows in business and reputation, they are planning on expanding their retail presence in China. In addition to their normal brick and mortar store in Clarke Quay, they also have outlets in Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou. They are not into retailing exclusively in China but plan to expand into other Asian countries such as Hong Kong and Korea. If you are interested in buying from Ahegao, you can check out the official Ahegao website. Alternatively, you can visit your local High Street stores and speak to one of the sales staff.

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