How to Get a Flat Belly and Get Your Confidence Back!

Belly fat┬áis the largest and most irritating topic there is in the weight loss and fitness world. Not only is it the most popular topic but it’s also somehow the most confusing of all of the topics. Today we’re going to begin to unravel this ball of yarn and try to make it clear and simple.

Stomach fat.

What is stomach fat? Stomach fat is thought of as being the ‘chub’ around the midsection that sometimes goes okinawa flat belly tonic over the belt buckle if there is too much of it.

OK fine.

However, let me give you a definition that is going to help with understanding the root cause of this troublesome area so that we can get that flat belly you see on TV and in the magazines.

Fat, lipids, triglycerides, etc. are molecules of energy. That means that your body can use them when they need energy. Another word for energy is “calories.” And your body needs calories for EVERYTHING! Eating, sleeping, exercising, breathing, walking, running, etc. So… When you need calories your body can go to the fat and get it.

Here’s the catch.

Your body can get energy from other areas as well. It can get energy from Carbohydrates and Proteins too. What we want the body to do is to take energy from the fat so that we don’t have so much of it sitting on our mid-section, am I right??

I’m going to talk about how to help the body take and use energy from ‘fat’ instead of other resources in another article so let’s assume something for now. Let’s assume that your body is ready to use the ‘fat’ as its source of energy. AWESOME. Let’s take the fat from the stomach, right??


Here’s the catch-22 that people need to focus up on. SPOT REDUCTION is a myth and can not and does not happen. That means that even though you want to burn the fat from your belly, maybe your body wants to take it from your thighs, or maybe your arms, who knows. The point I’m trying to make here is that the area that you lose fat from first is determined more through genetics than any other factor at this point.


This doesn’t mean that you’ll never burn the belly fat. It means that you may burn the belly fat AFTER you’ve gone through most of your thigh fat or arm fat, for example. The biggest lesson to learn at this point is that you don’t want to stop or give up because depending on when and where your body takes fat from, you don’t know when the area you want to target is going to get used.

There are foods that are popular for losing belly fat and sit ups and exercise equipment and all of those things.


Don’t go for the tricks because there are only so many Grapefruits you can eat or sit-ups you can do. The foods that are popular for abdominal weight loss are probably awesome, natural, and helpful so I WOULD say that they can be helpful and beneficial, but don’t use them as the last trick in the book and your only method to get to your goal.

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