Las Vegas Casino Lounges and Piano Bars: The Best Places to Relax and Unwind

Las Vegas is a really exciting place and, whether it’s your first time or you’re a regular visitor, it always offers so many things to do, so many shows, so many events, that you may just be tired and in need of a relaxing time in the evening. Personally, I go to the casino floor every night for a bit; however, when I win early, I still feel there’s a lot I could do, especially to wind down after a day of buffet or restaurant indulging, pool sun-soaking and a great gym work out.

Neither I nor my partner enjoy going to those ‘cheap’ bars to get drunk; we like to socialize a little, or simply to relax and continue the Vegas pampering experience. So, we’ve discovered lounge bars, places where you can relax without crazy loud, thumping music, feeling pampered just for the very fact that we are sitting in a luxurious Vegas lounge.

We like night clubs too, or just strolling along the fantastic Vegas Strip, but, since we’re often in Vegas for long stretches of time, there’s only so much ‘crazy stuff’ you can do each time. Many nights we spend them in the luxurious comforts of places such the คาร่า Encore or Palazzo suites, with their fantastic TV channels or the superb digital quality of their movies (and TV sets). If you don’t have loud neighbours you can also enjoy this in a medium-budget place such as Mirage (great comfort despite the smaller size of their rooms!).

But Vegas is fantastic because it offers immense variety in a small geographical area: you can do so much and cater to any need you may have for any given day or night.

So, which are the best Vegas casino lounges or piano bars?

In the mid Strip area you will find the great:

Petrossian Lounge at Bellagio. A very elegant, beautiful and highly comfortable place; the moment you enter you know you’ll be pampering yourself. The soft, large, velvet couches of this piano bar will make it difficult for you to leave; the food choices vary according to the time of day; in the afternoon you can dive into a ‘traditional afternoon tea experience’ (the tea imported from all over the world), accompanied by delicious sandwiches, pastries and other high-quality delicacies.

Sophistication goes up a notch in the evening, and you can sample caviar with house-made cocktails, amongst other things.

Mandarin Bar. A hot-spot these days, this beautiful lounge is on the 23rd floor and it therefore offers the fantastic Vegas Strip views all visitors want to enjoy. The atmosphere is ‘chic’, elegant and romantic, ideal for couples wanting to spend a night out in total comfort whilst still enjoying some privacy, thanks to the ‘discreet’ seating layout. At Mandarin Bar you can enjoy house-made cocktails (not cheap but fabulous) as well as food. For those wanting to go the extra mile with regards to self-pampering and self-serving behaviour, the quintessential VIP section, separate from the rest, is available, albeit by reservation only.

Indigo Lounge at Bally’s. This lounge is a little different from the others listed here but I wanted to include a different option, both in terms of price and atmosphere. Your wallet will not be too light when you leave this lounge bar: no cover and mid-range prices. Here you will hear a mix of music to please all crowds, with some live (‘energetic’) bands, to which you can also dance if you want to. The ubiquitous house-made drinks are available here.

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