2009 Feng Shui & the Fire Year

Energy patterns are determined each year by the star that migrates to the center of a 3×3 grid. The grid represents each direction (North, NE, East, SE, South, SW, West, NW, and the center). This year the number nine floats to the middle, and from there a formula determines where the rest of the numbers (one through nine) go.

The star that appears in the middle has a great influence on how we experience the world, our offices, and our homes. As an example, in 2008, the one water star was in the center. One water dominates the center’s five earth energy; thus resulting in earthquakes and hurricanes; the effects of Hurricane Ike were felt from thousands of miles away. So what is in store for us this year อนิเมะซับไทย?

Fire typically represents success and growth. By all accounts, it should have a productive relationship with the center (five star) which represents our overall health and harmony. However, since five is the disaster and pain star, nine (fire) gives it energy…we are in for a bumpy ride. In this case, the world may see explosions (volcanoes, bombs, and gun fire), fires, earthquakes, tempers, and drought. This 9:5 combination can also produce money troubles (investing and gambling), which our economy is already experiencing.

This flying-star relationship can also cause or exacerbate eye, heart, and circulation problems. In addition to the literal translation, the eyes can imply lack of vision and heart can imply ‘not getting to the heart of the matter.’ That means we need to make decisions with long-term goals in mind. Quick fixes are not the way to go! Negotiations will be challenging as both sides will hold fast on their views, and flexibility and adaptability is called for.

Increase your water intake and decrease sugar (alcohol). This is especially important because the combination of fire and earth (dry heat) dominate the water element. Water affects blood and kidneys. Our bodies will easily dehydrate this year so drink plenty of pure water. Fall in love with the unadulterated beverage and your hair, nails, and skin (blood and kidneys) will thank you.

The last time we experienced fire energy was in 2000 except this was during a 20-year period of seven (soft metal) so a direct correlation cannot be drawn. To do so, we need to visit the Gregorian calendar MDCCCXXIX for 1829 (period eight, fire year, Chinese astrology of earth ox); Buddhist calendar for 2373, Chinese calendar 4465-4466, Hebrew calendar 5589-5590, Japanese Bunsei 12, Korean calendar 4162, Thai solar calendar 2372, various Hindu calendars, and so on.

A few world events during 1829: Madman sets York Cathedral afire; Andrew Jackson inaugurated; crowd mobs White House; Greece receives autonomy from Ottoman Empire; Vicente Guerrero becomes the president of Mexico; Danzig (Gdansk) dike breaks, flood kills 1,200; The Swan River Colony (later to become the cities of Perth and Fremantle) is founded in Western Australia; London Metropolitan Police founded; Russo-Turkish War; 1st U.S. mint building started; “typographer” (typewriter) patent; “Stourbridge Lion” locomotive goes into service; offer to buy Texas refused by Mexican government; failed assassination attempt on Simon Bolivar; Walker’s Appeal (racial antislavery pamphlet) published; Scotland Yard active; Delaware River and Chesapeake Bay Canal formally open; Jews expelled from Nikolayev and Sevastopol Russia; and Britain-abolished “suttee” in India (widow burning herself to death on her husband’s funeral pyre).

Birthdays during 1829 include Levi Strauss (Levi jeans founder), Carl Schurz (German revolutionary and American statesman), Sully Prudhomme (Nobel Prize laureate and French author), William Booth (founder of The Salvation Army), and Geronimo (Apache leader).  

As was mentioned in our article, 2009 Earth Ox in a Fire Year, the heavenly branch and stem are both earth. Earth depletes fire’s energy. This negatively affects businesses in public relations, fashion, advertising, chemicals, oil, and law. Public relations and public opinion will likely be poor.

While 2009’s outlook is rocky, there’s no use in sulking or giving up. You’ve heard these are the end of times (several calendars say 2012 is when this culminates)? For what it’s worth, I don’t believe the world is coming to an end. I do believe we have to change our ways. We have to learn from the past and manifest a different future.

Unfortunately, the world needs a big incentive to come together and do so. A global crisis is that incentive (and wake-up call). Someone wise once said, “character is not defined by what happens to us, but how we respond.” Author Unknown

For futurists and future thinkers, the next time 2009’s energy will surface is 2189, so 2009 events provide a glimpse into the future. Let’s return to the present and discover ways to be proactive.

When we evaluate 2009’s fire energy with the current 20-year period of eight (earth), they are compatible. This combination shows joyful occasions so savor those intensity breaks. Review the article, 2009 Chinese Astrology Earth Ox in the Fire Year, for an additional perspective. There are common themes that affirm what we’ve covered here. Also, because nine represents one of the ‘youth’ directions and five earth brings trouble, problems may surface regarding children’s self esteem, concentration, and emotions.

Each building has a unique energy blueprint (determined by when it was constructed and how this applies to magnetic energies). You’d be wise to have a Feng Shui analysis performed by a classic experienced practitioner this year, especially if your home or office is South sitting (has South at its back).

It is wise to be aware of the ruling animal’s location in terms of its compass direction within any property. This position is known as the Grand Duke, and in 2009’s year of the ox, the Grand Duke is in NE-1. It is unwise to undertake or initiate any construction in this section of your building or property during the year of the ox. If any construction or renovation is planned, it’s still possible to proceed but first initiate construction somewhere else on the property before demolishing or rebuilding in the NE sector.

In terms of flying stars and 2009, East is an inauspicious direction this year (known as three sha or three killings). Therefore, it is not recommended that you have East at your back (also known as the sitting position).

The five yellow disaster star is in the North. If your bedroom or main entrance is in the North, you want to drain this negative energy. Metal is recommended, but your home or office may need something stronger.

In conclusion, this is a year to be patient and methodical. It is a good time for youthful, talented leaders. There aren’t quick fixes for Earth changes, war, business challenges, unemployment, the economy, communication breakdowns, children’s adversity, and closure. Therefore, we should not seek a time commitment for the sake of having something to measure against. Instead, we need to do it right the first time. Long-term strategies are called for. Begin with the end in mind.

On a more tactical level, perform a thorough inspection of your home and office. The risk of fires is high this year. Clean your dryer lint traps and vents. Spread the load with electrical outlets, or better yet hire an electrician to add more outlets. Ensure children understand that matches and lighters are not toys. Replace smoke-alarm batteries, whether they need it or not. Practice your fire evacuation plan and ensure everyone knows where they are to meet (somewhere close but safe). Talk with your local fire department about other ways to minimize your risk factors.

Let us help you build your plan. Several consultation options are available. We prioritize your efforts and provide a customized action plan. Call for your free telephone consultation today! For maximum effect, remedies should be in place by February, 2009.

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