Choosing the Right Memorial and Funeral Gifts

While going through the loss of a loved one, finding ways to keep their memory alive can help immensely in the healing process. Choosing the right memorial and funeral gifts to share with others who are grieving is a kindness that will long be remembered. Here are some ideas for ways to commemorate your family member, friend or loved one with special memorial keepsakes.

Funeral and Memorial Gift Suggestions:

1. Personalized printed mementos: Funeral announcement cards, funeral programs, prayer cards, sympathy thank you cards and bookmarks can be easily personalized in your loved one’s memory.Taking the time to create uniquely personal printed mementoes of a funeral or memorial service gives friends and family a visual reminder of the deceased. Imprinted with a special photograph and relevant scripture, poetry or quotations, these printed keepsakes will find their way into the scrapbooks, Bibles and memory boxes of those who share your ของชำร่วยงานศพ grief. There are even cards available now that contain flower seeds to be planted in memory of the one who has died. Using helpful online templates available from funeral printing services makes these kind gestures particularly easy and affordable.

2. Decorative memorial keepsakes: Another popular way to keep the memory of a loved one alive is with candles, crosses, wall plaques and other decorative items to be displayed in the home. Memorial garden paving stones are also thoughtful reminders after a loss. Again, any of these can now be ordered imprinted with scripture, photographs or other engravings. Consider ordering duplicate items for close friends and family.

3. Cremation containers: Commonly called “urns,” the containers meant to hold the cremated remains of your loved one actually come in many styles. Beautifully decorated boxes and urns come in a wide variety of materials and can be personalized to become unique memorials to the one who has passed away.

4. Scrapbooks: Collecting photographs, clippings and special mementos to place in a scrapbook is a beautiful way to pay tribute a loved one. The popularity of scrapbooking has created a wide range of albums, page templates and graphics that can help to personalize a memorial scrapbook. You might also consider creating journals or blank books as memorial and funeral gifts. Again, the ease of customizing these with a photo or text special to the departed makes such a gift simple to create.

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