Tips For Memory Enhancement

There is no evidence to suggest that a mathematics wizard who can calculate without a calculator the product of 3,233,824 and 1,545,245 within seconds has unique brain structure than the one you and I have. Then what is unique in his or her brain? It is the health of the brain that is blessed to him or her. Healthy brain provides two important inputs. It is very supportive to the practice. Practice makes a man perfect! Continuous practice leads to tremendous brain capabilities. Accordingly, the only way for memory enhancement is to have a healthy brain.

There is no alternative to nutritious food that offers healthy body including healthy brain. The fundamental to healthy body is to ensure optimum blood circulation to the nook and corner of our body with quality blood so that all organs are healthy. Quality blood takes and delivers all the nutrition required for our body along with oxygen. Quality blood vessels ensure smooth flow of blood throughout our body. Unless this system is kept properly in its totality, any kind of efforts for memory enhancement including taking many nutrition supplements will be futile.

Having said that, role of some nutrition that can help brain and blood vessels near the brain to maintain quality brain cannot be ignored.

Our brain has billions of nerve cells. They are connected to each other. This specialized connecting arrangement is known as synapse. Chemical neurotransmitters are released from one cell through Synapse xt the synapse to the second cell. The receptors in the second cell receive them in the form of electrical and biochemical signals. This process happens in the net work of nerve cells. The central to the healthy neurotransmission depends on the health of the synapse. Any nutrition that the blood can carry to strengthen the synapse is welcome in this respect.

Now, we will turn to the blood vessels. We should know that the structure of blood vessels is not uniform throughout our body. They are strong near our heart to withstand to the pumping pressure but not the same near many of the organs. In the case of brain, the blood vessels are smooth. Because of its nature, it has the tendency to contract. Obviously this will affect the blood flow to the brain. Any nutrition that the blood carry can relax such smooth muscles is welcome from this angle.

I am confident, if we find substances that can handle these two aspects viz., improve the health of the synapse and smooth blood vessels near the brain are the best bet for memory enhancement.

There is a plant called Brahmi which is used in Ayurveda in India for more than 3000 years. Bacosides is the active principles in the extract derived from this plant. It offers muscle to the proteins involved in synthesis of new neurons to replace damaged ones. In this process, depleted synaptic activity is restored thus helping for memory enhancement. This way, we take care of neurotransmission aspect.

Another plant extract called vinpocetine is the best bet for relaxing muscles of the smooth blood vessels near the brain. This is extracted from a plant known as vinca minor. Apart from this benefit, it also has anti oxidant and neuro protective properties.

Though these are natural plant nutrition, one should be very careful to take proper dosage. Also we should remember that to set right one aspect of our health, we should not lose from another angle. Precisely for this reason, we should go in for complete planned natural nutrition supplement wherein each and every ingredient is added in appropriate measure to offer the best benefit for the health. This is very important for memory enhancement. Please ensure that you do not take any decision to consume any of the natural nutrition supplements that offer the benefit of bacosides or vinpocetine. They may be natural but they may not bring you the desired results or sometimes give you side effects if taken in isolation.

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