Movie Masters Joker

The Movie Masters figures will make you feel like you’re right there in Gotham city walking side by side with Batman and the villains! These are highly detailed figures and the Joker is overall, quite nice!

This Joker has a new face and head. The facial detail on this Joker is excellent showing many lines and curves. The colors are brilliant! His scary makeup job is splendid! His proportions look good. Some of his clothing shows wrinkles and the collar is very nice, but the head is truly the showpiece of this Joker action figure. I have to say the angle of the head is a little strange though. It almost seems to point down and doesn’t look natural. If the coat had a few more wrinkles or other detail on it the figure would have a better overall look.

This Dark Knight Joker has the standard joker slot pin joints in the Knees, elbows and ankles. He has a swivel hip and wrists. His head does not look upward. His abs do not move which is rather limiting. He stands OK on his own but could be better. He won’t fall over on you though.

The packaging for this guy is superb. The top of the box has a shattered bat hole where you can see the Batman logo. It’s really cool that this Joker comes with the Joker playing card and an evidence bag. This Movie Masters Joker is a nice figure, affordable and not too difficult to come by. For the money he can’t be beat!


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