Ben 10 Power Splash – Game Review

Ben 10 Power Splash is an awesome new game with your favourite super hero, Ben 10! In Power Splash, you play as Ben himself, a boy with super powers which lets you transform into amazing creatures.

With the use of his famous Omnitrix device you can transform into several of the 10 creatures to control for your advantage to survive through the various action packed levels.

To accomplish this mission you can start off by transforming into a sea creature and swim under water. Once you progress through the level and catch up with the hostages boat you will be able to transform into a giant fly and shoot the enemy with your deadly venom. You will be able to change from creature to creature at various stages to help you beat the kidnappers and save the day.


The aim of the game is to rescue Ben 10’s kidnapped friend from the kidnappers. These bad guys are running away with the hostage in their boat so you need to chase after the kidnappers and free the hostage. Adventure through the various levels that include some great graphical scenes, amazing effects and cool transformation sprites between Ben 10’s forms. Ben 10 Power Splash is great for any Ben fan, with it’s proper storyline for you to follow, realistic 토토커뮤니티 looking graphics, interesting and fun game play to keep you entertained right to the end and cool gaming effects to immerse you right into the adventure.


The controls are easy to use. With the arrow keys being the main keys to focus on. Move Ben 10 around the various levels, but avoid the dangerous obstacles and enemies from floating sea mines to nuclear infused octopus!

Arrow Keys – Movement
Space Bar – Special Action/Attack


The game has a futuristic looking display. Starting from the left we have:

– Ben 10’s Omnitrix Display
– Ben’s Health Bar (green),
– Score Total
– Enemy Health Bar (blue)
– Enemy Focus Ring


The graphics in this Ben 10 game are really outstanding for a game in this category. They are quite realistic and the whole game in general has a polished and professional looking feel to it. This is what helps make this game so popular, it’s a really cool game for all Ben 10 fans, with immense scenes for a flash game, that even Ben 10 would be proud of.


So get going and save your friend! Use your Omnitrix to team up as Ripjaws and then Stinkfly for an aquatic rescue mission in Power Splash, Avoid all of creatures and objects as you go along, but don’t forget to collect the power-ups and speed boosters.

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