The Greatness That Lies in HDMI Cables

The HDMI cables, which the majority of us use to connect our computers to our large screen TVs and watch movies, come in quite a few versions and variations. Each of the versions supports different video standards, protocols, comes with different features, and if this was not confusing enough, there are silver, gold, and platinum cables marketed as well.

Which HDMI cable do I need?

If you are not interested in the technology behind the HDMI leads, then purchasing the latest, 1.4-version cable, and choosing a slightly more expensive and higher quality cable should give you the best possible quality of video and audio. There is no reason why cheaper brands could not work, but practice has proven that the cheapest HDMI cables are not that great, when you need longer cable and might not last as long either. The higher quality ones are durable and often suitable for in-wall installation as well, however, before you bury the HDMI cables in the wall keep in mind that you might need to upgrade them sooner than you think.

The gold HDMI cables are typically slightly more expensive than the rest, but they are also high quality ones too and this does not pertain to the plating of the connectors alone. The gold plating HDMI Cable in Australia offers better protection against oxidizing, but this rarely makes a huge difference since you are likely to be using your cabling indoors and as already noted, the pure pace of the technological developments are likely to force you to change your cables with newer and better ones in a few short years. However, the gold HDMI leads are typically premium cables, which offer everything that you might need – their 1.4 version offers support for maximum 1920×1200p60 resolution over single link at 24, 30, 36, and 48-bit/pix, and come with 100mbit Ethernet channel, 4K × 2K Resolution Support, and Audio return channel.

If you do not know what any of these characteristic means, it suffices to say that the latest version will work in almost every application and with every HDMI device. Purchasing a high quality cable will give you excellent quality audio and video signal, and with the gold HDMI cables available in up to 15 meters length, you are likely to be able to use them in your home theatre easily, regardless of your setup. If you happen to need super long cable, then all you have to do is purchase two or more normal HDMI cables and use them with an amplifier or repeater.

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