MM Hunter PvP

MM Hunter PvP can be one of the most damaging and effective builds for racking up massive kill counts and getting tons of Honor Points for your character. When running MM Hunter PvP there are a few things to keep in mind however. While the Marksman build offers you tons of burst damage and crit chains you must be prepared to play to the strengths of the spec and not fall into bad habits.

Hunters that find themselves in this talent build have often leveled their hunters up by following the Beastmaster tree. Once these folks wander into their first few BG’s, however, they quickly realize that playing that build can be quite limiting especially for those new to player vs player game play. As they begin to focus more on dialing up their Hunter’s DPS output rather than their pets the PvP environment begins to bear a little more fruit. Eventually, and certainly at the higher levels, the majority of Hunters in PvP will be running either a full MM spec or a hybrid Marksman and Survival setup.

The Marksman – Survival setup is really popular and effective due to the amount of flexibility it offers. With a bit of the Survival Talents sprinkled in with the damage output of the MM build you can create a truly nasty Hunter. The points in Survival offer a little more “beef” to the MM build.

Probably the most obvious point that a MM Hunter in PvP has to keep in mind is to stay at range. You want to be the guy up on a ridge, behind a tree in the distance, hanging out on a rooftop or 안전토토사이트 generally anywhere that the enemy is not. MM Hunters can deal a stunning amount of damage as long as they have the opportunity to get their shots off.

The standard and basic shot cycle is going to be aimed shot, multi-shot, auto-shot. This is going to be like the backbeat of your PvP DPS output when in a stand and melt-their-faces-off situation. Obviously as crits and procs present themselves you’ll mix up your manner of DPS accordingly. Where many hunters start to see their DPS drop off is when they mess around with this most basic rhythm and forget to keep lead in the air.

So staying at range we’ve covered. Secondly, and in conjunction with range, is line of sight. Obvious, I know, but important. Once you start finding your favorite spots in the different BG’s make sure to keep ready to pop out of line of sight. If you find a really good spot, like up on a roof top at a pinch point (like the bridge in Alterac Valley) you’re going to be laying out a lot of damage. This will get you noticed by the enemy and, even if they can’t physically get to you, they will try to take you out. Other hunters especially as, if they are any good, they’ll know to look for you in those spots and can reach out and hit you. Thanks for reading!

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